Program 1


per week

5 hours per week (£29 p/h)

Most suited for those that want assistance with small ad-hoc admin tasks.

Program 2


per week

10 hours per week (£27 p/h)

Most suited those who require a daily bit of assistance or maintenance.

Program 3


per week

20 hours per week (£25 p/h)

Most suited for those who often require a few hours per day to get the work done.

Program 4


per hour

Pay as you go

Most suited to those who prefer flexibility without committing to a fixed cost.

Contracted Clients are invoiced monthly and PAYG clients are invoiced after each project.
Contracts can be upgraded or cancelled with a one month notice period. Please contact me for bespoke programs.

How it Works

How do we get started?

After having preliminary conversations to discuss requirements and budget, a contract can be drawn up. After signing, you will give me access to your systems and we can arrange work the same way you would with any employed individual. The only real difference for you is the contract and I am based off site.

How do I keep track of hours worked?

Working within the agreed hours and format, I record a start and finish time each day worked with a brief overview of what was done in that time. This will be sent monthly to you or after each project.

Which time zones do I work in?

I am able to work in different time zones to cover work worldwide, ensuring all work is dealt with in a timely manner according to your business’ needs.

GDPR Information

I have an ICO certificate and comply with GDPR always. 
If you would like me to sign an NDA, I will of course be more than happy to do so. I am used to working with highly confidential information.